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Types of Security Gate

Types of Security Gate

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Intruders are now everywhere. They lurk in almost every corner of the world, waiting for you to leave your property for them to go and make use of your space to their heart’s desire. Because of this, people who are security conscious have considered security gates as one of the most effective ways of keeping away burglars and intruders from your house.

Security gates now come in several types. Each is designed and constructed according to what the public has demanded – well-constructed and well-designed. This is considered simply for one purpose, to provide the public with the utmost security possible.

So today, you’ll find security gates that are deemed suitable for town, country estates, farms, and gardens. They come in all styles and sizes, and there are a lot of them that can be customized to fit your location. Some of the most well-known types of security gates include the following:

Wooden Security Gates

Wooden gates are by far the most common type of security gate. They are, of course, made of wood and can be installed even by the do-it-yourselfers. However, because of their being “wooden,” this type of gate can easily be crashed or climbed by intruders. If you happen to have a gate made of this material, it would be better to consider covering the cross members of the gate with a panel. According to some claims, this will remove a foothold that is much obvious without the cover. By covering it, you are somehow preventing intruders from entering your property.

Sliding Gates

As the name implies, sliding gates are designed to slide along the entranceway, giving you access to your property without hassles. All you need to do is to slide the gate, and you’re on your way.

The sliding gates can be useful where a swing gate minimizes the parking space available. It could also be valuable in areas where the drive slopes up towards the house, preventing a swing gate from opening. This is basically what most of the experts have noted as the advantages of this type of security gate. Perhaps what’s more interesting to know is that sliding gates can be keyed or controlled even remotely by wireless technology or by electricity.

Ornamental Iron Gates

Of the available types of security gates, the ornamental iron gates are by far the most favored. I bet this is because gates made of iron are more difficult to climb and breach. There is also a great possibility that burglars can be caught when climbing the iron gates as most of these gates are designed with openings. The downside of this type, however, is that they come expensive.

With some choices left available for you to choose from, it is essential to select a security gate that meets all your security needs. Weigh the options carefully, and only settle for the one you think is best.