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Wireless Alarms For Your Driveway

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Those of you who want to protect your home from possible annoyances and intrusions, never miss out on home delivery, or always be aware of someone coming up your driveway – should invest in a wireless driveway alarm. There are various styles, with each one offering you a truly unique and innovative way to keep up with what’s going on around your property.

You can get either wireless or handheld models, which vary in detection ranges, from the average 1,000 feet for small driveways to the larger driveways, which span 2 miles or more. Some models will warn you of visitors with tones, while others use prerecorded messages. On the other hand, the more advanced models communicate with visitors through the use of an intercom system, which you install at the end of your driveway.

All types of wireless driveway alarms feature a receiver and a transmitter. Any presence in your driveway is detected by the transmitter, normally through infrared equipment, which notifies you through the receiver. Most models will allow you to speak through the receiver, transmitting your voice through the transmitter. If a solicitor or burglary is trying to visit your home, your voice is normally all it takes to turn them around in the other direction.

Even though the technical name is “wireless driveway alarm,” there are several uses for this technology. You can install the equipment in your yard, out of plain view, or even use the system as an intercom for anyone who pulls up to your gate. You can also install the system on your roof or just use it strategically around your property. There are several uses for wireless systems, although the intention is to alert you when there is any human presence or movement on your property.

When you set up your wireless driveway system, you should always place it somewhere where it isn’t easy to see. You don’t want someone who visits your property to have a plain view of your equipment, as it can easily give you away. Instead, you want to make sure that you are alert of any visitors, yet they aren’t aware that you are using any alarms.

Depending on how much money you have to spend, the systems you can choose from will vary. There are simple wireless driveway alarms out there, yet systems can do just about anything you want. If you live in a suburban area, you may want to go with a standard wireless alarm. Standard alarms are best for this type of neighborhood, as they are easy to install and will immediately alert you whenever there is a presence on your property. Another great thing about these systems is that you can act immediately without being in touch with the receiver physically.

All in all, wireless driveway alarms are a great security measure for anyone who owns a home and wants to protect themselves from unwanted visitors. You can get a slew of features, depending on the type of alarm you select. You can install most alarms yourself, although the more advanced models will require professional installation. The self-installation types will come with instructions as well, so you won’t encounter any problems. Even if you’ve never used them before – wireless driveway alarms are a great investment that will alert you anytime someone decides to visit your property.

Fifteen Ways to Discourage a Criminal

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You’re going away on vacation. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve a break. Make sure you don’t get a “Break, “as well.

Here are fifteen tips to help ensure that your home and possessions will be as you left them when you return from vacation. If you follow some of these suggestions, you’ll enjoy your holiday more, because you’ll know you’ve taken ample precautions. The only thing that you’ll worry about will be whether you left the iron or the stove on by mistake. There is no cure for that worry!

1. Put your mail on hold. There’s nothing that says “Nobody’s home,” like an overflowing mailbox or a pile of mail on the floor under your door’s letterbox. Do this early enough to allow the post office to get the information to your letter carrier. To be sure, do it three or four days before you leave.

2. By the same token, put your newspaper delivery on hold. A pile of unread newspapers is as clear as a neon sign saying, “Vacant,” to the thief.

3. Get a timer for your lights. They’re not expensive, and they give the illusion that someone’s at home.

4. Leave some music playing, or put the TV on a twenty-four-hour talk channel. Anyone approaching your premises will hear it and assume someone is there.

5. Never put a message on your answering machine which states, “We’re not home right now…,” because if a well-organized thief is calling to see if anyone’s home, he’ll know that the coast is clear. You might as well put on a message saying, “Come right in.”

6. A debate about whether to leave your drapes open or closed when you’re on vacation has raged on for years. You have to decide what’s best for you, considering what’s visible from outside your windows. Some fence-sitters in this debate leave some drapes closed and some open.

7. Another debate surrounds whether or not you should leave your car in the driveway. Many people feel that an observant thief will notice a car that never moves. Others think that a car on the property will convince a thief that there’s someone home.

8. Padlock all gates which lead to your back yard. A thief won’t relish the idea of trying to get back over the gate while carrying your video player and gun collection.

9. Get someone trustworthy to regularly go to your home to move the curtains, water your plants, and do whatever yard work needs to be done. It’s unlikely that your trustworthy friend will have a home-wrecking party, as always happens in the movies.

10. Give a contact number to a neighbor or friend. This is for emergencies only.

11. It may seem obvious, but double-check that all the doors and windows are locked.

12. If you have an alarm system, call the security company and let them know that you’re leaving and if someone’s taking care of your property, inform that too. Suggest that they send a representative to drive by your place every couple of days. (Not at a regular time, and not too slowly or obviously.)

13. Let the cops of the locality know your travel plans. As with the security company, they could drive by occasionally, as long as it’s not too obvious.

14. Get a floor safe and store your valuables there. If installed properly, it should be undetectable.

15. Consider hiring a house-sitter. Having a dependable person living in your home may be your best insurance against being a robbery victim.

It may sound more complicated than a military exercise, but remember that you can start on your preparations well in advance of going away. Remember, it will all be worth it when you see your property retreat in your rearview mirror, secure in the knowledge that you’ve done everything in your power to protect your home and belongings from criminal attack.

Types of Security Gate

Types of Security Gate

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Intruders are now everywhere. They lurk in almost every corner of the world, waiting for you to leave your property for them to go and make use of your space to their heart’s desire. Because of this, people who are security conscious have considered security gates as one of the most effective ways of keeping away burglars and intruders from your house.

Security gates now come in several types. Each is designed and constructed according to what the public has demanded – well-constructed and well-designed. This is considered simply for one purpose, to provide the public with the utmost security possible.

So today, you’ll find security gates that are deemed suitable for town, country estates, farms, and gardens. They come in all styles and sizes, and there are a lot of them that can be customized to fit your location. Some of the most well-known types of security gates include the following:

Wooden Security Gates

Wooden gates are by far the most common type of security gate. They are, of course, made of wood and can be installed even by the do-it-yourselfers. However, because of their being “wooden,” this type of gate can easily be crashed or climbed by intruders. If you happen to have a gate made of this material, it would be better to consider covering the cross members of the gate with a panel. According to some claims, this will remove a foothold that is much obvious without the cover. By covering it, you are somehow preventing intruders from entering your property.

Sliding Gates

As the name implies, sliding gates are designed to slide along the entranceway, giving you access to your property without hassles. All you need to do is to slide the gate, and you’re on your way.

The sliding gates can be useful where a swing gate minimizes the parking space available. It could also be valuable in areas where the drive slopes up towards the house, preventing a swing gate from opening. This is basically what most of the experts have noted as the advantages of this type of security gate. Perhaps what’s more interesting to know is that sliding gates can be keyed or controlled even remotely by wireless technology or by electricity.

Ornamental Iron Gates

Of the available types of security gates, the ornamental iron gates are by far the most favored. I bet this is because gates made of iron are more difficult to climb and breach. There is also a great possibility that burglars can be caught when climbing the iron gates as most of these gates are designed with openings. The downside of this type, however, is that they come expensive.

With some choices left available for you to choose from, it is essential to select a security gate that meets all your security needs. Weigh the options carefully, and only settle for the one you think is best.