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7 Gate Designs to Consider for Your Custom Gate

Have you ever wanted the type of security and safety that comes with a gate? If so, then consider having your own custom-built gates to safeguard property.

Not sure where to start for gate designs? Then we’re here to help. Read on for 7 house front gate designs to consider.

1. Solid Slider Gate

If you want the absolute most privacy, but still enjoy having some style and class in your home—a solid metal gate is perfect for YOU. The sleek design will be both stylish as well functional with complete security that no one can see through!

There are many benefits to using a slider gate, such as being able the block people’s view if you’re in front of busy street and dissuade intruders from trying to break into your property.

A sliding gate is a great option if you have limited room. It slides left and right instead of swinging forwards or backwards, so it doesn’t take up as much space!

2. Aluminum Screen Gate

The gate is designed to give you just enough of an idea on the other side without compromising your privacy. With its transparency and light, this will be perfect for those who want some peek into their backyard but don’t feel like sacrificing all theirs!

The aluminum screen gates are not only more stylish but also an elegant approach to gate design when compared with the solid slider.

3. Wrought Iron Gate

Iron gates date back to the 15th century and were among one of the earliest railings. The Victorian-style makes them both classic, yet timeless with their old world charm!

Wrought iron gates are a great choice to match your property if it also has some history behind them.

4. Frosted Glass Gate

Frosted glass is a great choice for those who want something that’s solid, but not completely opaque. When done correctly this material will give off quite the striking look as it changes with every light source throughout your day!

You can add a great contrasting appearance by combining it with steel or other types of metals.

5. Laser-Cut Gate

Laser-cut front gates
are a great way to bring any pattern or design into life. They allow you the freedom and creativity of being able to use your imagination in making something that will be unique!

The laser-cut gate is not just for show! It can really elevate the look of your home and offer outsiders enough information about what’s going on inside without giving away too much.

6. Solid Wood Gate

Cedar is a great choice for natural-looking gates. It’s not only resistant to rot but also soundproof, so you won’t have any worries about your gate making noise whenever it opens or closes!

A gate can be made out of stone, which would give the appearance that it had been placed there naturally.

7. Farmhouse Gate

If you’re looking for a little bit of both wood and metal in your home décor, then perhaps this farmhouse gate will work perfectly.

The gates can be made from wood or metal, depending on your preference. If you don’t want to use the entire thing as one solid piece then there are vertical bars that will allow some light which was not possible before!

Farmhouse style is all about the inside, and this can be seen in your kitchen.

Use These Gate Designs as Inspiration

With these awesome gate designs, you have plenty of inspiration for your own custom design. Feel free to mix up the styles and put a personal touch on them that will really make it yours!

We’ll help you create a gate that will last for decades and one which is sure to make your property stand out. We offer both on-site welding, as well as custom designs so we can get the perfect solution just right!

Check out our wide range of custom-built gates. We can build one that’s just right for you!